Main Characters of this magical comic!

Aleah Alcott
Name - Aleah Alcott

16 | She/Her | 5'9" | 147lbs | Mundane/DMU | ENFP-T | Student Council Treasurer

Aleah is a sophomore at Woodcreek Academy, one of the nation's top ranking private schools which caters to both the Mundane and Magic population. She was sheltered as a child and was barely exposed to the outside world, any form of opinion came from her parents or Dmitri, her childhood friend. In middle school, she was an underachiever, as Dmitri would convince her to slack off with him rather than study. Eventually, they entered Woodcreek, and after a spur of motivation, Dmitri began to climb the ranks. In fear of losing Dmitri, she forced herself to climb the ranks as well, accidentally passing him.

After passing Dmitri and ultimately taking the top spot in the Freshman class, she was given the 3rd seat on the student council, both as the representative for the Sophomore class and as the Treasurer of the entire student body.

Aleah has a certain distaste for the Magic culture due to her very sheltered upbringing in a mundane household. She enjoys playing instruments such as the piano, and clarinet.

Dmitri Mcdermont
Name - Dmitri Mcdermont

16 | He/Him | 6'0" | 162lbs | Mundane | INFJ-A | Student Council Rep

Dmitri is a sophomore at Woodcreek Academy and is the childhood friend of Aleah. When he was younger, he was known to be a professional slacker and had absolutely no motivation. After coming to Woodcreek, he found his motivation in the form of spite. To this day, however, he never truly describes where the spite came from.

Dmitri comes from a rich family, his parents run a business which has strong connections to Aleah's family's business, meaning that he and Aleah spent many years together. From a young age, he became extremely influenced by his uncle, who advocated for hate crimes against the magic community. Thusly, he has an extreme prejudice towards Magic. He'll put that aside though when important matters arise.

When Aleah passed him in freshman year he took it as a sign of betrayal, she took the top spot and seat that he wanted on the council. Even though he still ended up joining the council, he lost his motivation to learn and has reverted back to slacking off with his new friend, Avery. He hovers in the top 50 ranks but never exceeds 25.

Elise Court
Name - Elise Court

15 | She/Her | 5'1" | 121lbs | Magic | 5,627|19% | ENTP-A | Rune Club

Elise is a freshman at Woodcreek Academy, and is one of the only magic users in the regular education program. Her magic isn't weak, but she has extreme difficulty controlling it due to her anxiety, and low self esteem. Rather than attempting to seek ways to cope with her problems, she buries it under layers of flaboyant personality.

Elise is a pathological liar, and will only tell the truth when it benefits her or she's cornered and has no other options. She looses her cool often, but rather than getting angry, she ends up crying and trying to play the victim. She lies to try and make herself either look better or make those agaist her look bad, and has become so good at it, it's extremely difficult to pick out the lies, even with detecting magic. Her flamboyant personality makes most people avoid her, so she grows attached very quickly when people show her attention, like Aleah does.

Elise is very fragile, and if she were to be yelled at, or get someone she cared for very angry, it would devastate her already broken esteem and will.

Name - Avery Foxglove

16 | She/Her | 5'4" | 139lbs | Mundane/DMU | ESTP-A | French Honors Society

Avery is a Sophomore at Woodcreek Academy. She skips class more often than not, but always ends up getting good grades nontheless. Her favourite class is French, and is the only one she refuses to skip. She likes gardening and nature, and often hangs out in the courtyard.

After Dmitri eventually cut connections with Aleah, he began skipping classes himself, and got to know Avery when they crossed paths during class. She thinks he's intresting enough to keep around, but sometimes thinks of him more like a errands boy rather than a friend. She often teases him, but she always remembers he's her only friend, and doesn't disrespect him.

Avery is from a relatively normal family, with one younger brother, and a twin sister. She loves to talk about her brother, but won't mention her sister. She has a few problems with her sister, and refuses to talk about it. Her sister doesn't go to Woodcreek for more than a few reasons..

Name - ???

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Name - ???

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